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Forget Diets & Meaningless Workouts.

We're a lifestyle.

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Nutritional Services

Stop feeling guilty for eating delicious foods! Through nutritional services, we can establish a basis for your diet and learn how to lose extra body fat through nutritional education and coaching.

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Training Services

Optimize the way you feel, look, and perform! Training programs are customized to fit your available equipment and time.

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Athlete Services

Athletes and food go hand in hand. Let's talk about improving your diet in ways that can help provide you with more energy pre-training and more optimal recovery post. 

Our Mission

Tribe Training and Wellness is a wellness center. Our goal is to increase awareness and educate members about food and movement. Tribe specializes in improving the client's overall lifestyle. Clients learn through Holistic and Research-Based methods. Tribe encourages a Positive mindset about food and training.

Tribe’s core values are: Honesty, Integrity, Sustainability, and Communication.

MISSION: Bring awareness and education to adults, athletes, or anyone who wants to learn how to eat for everyday situations surrounding food.

This is done by clearing up misconceptions surrounding weight loss, dieting culture, and meaningless workouts.

My goal is simple; long term, healthy weight loss and better body composition without the sacrifice. Goals have to be attainable and maintainable for there to be a shift in lifestyle. Your daily diet should encompass your favorite foods all while achieving your optimal body composition for a long, healthy life.


Food is FUEL - Keri Heickert, Ed.D, ATC, PES, Pn1


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