Frequently asked questions

Should I count my MACROS?

Read this artical to find out!

Why is restriction bad?

Severe restrictions followed by a binge is when you game body so there are no cheat days you integrate your sheets into your day and allow yourself it and be guilt free. There's never a day that you are not paying attention to what you're eating. If you want a doughnut be accoutable for it. If you want pizza be accountable for it. Restricting is putting your body into starvation mode. Always eat full calories whole food!

What is a Macro? (Do I eat it?)

A Macro is a substance required in reletively large amounts to the human body, in particular. A type of food (e.g., fat, protein, carbohydrate) required in large amounts in the human diet. So Yes! You EAT Macros in your everyday life.

How do I keep track of my macros?

My Fitness Pal is a FREE app that allows you to enter in the food that you eat and drink. If needed we will gladly set up your profile as well as your daily meals and snacks. Contact us for details.

How many "macros" and calories do I need to gain, lose or maintain my weight?

A calculation is used to determine what caloric needs every individual needs. The formula is based on your height, current weight, desired weight, and activity levels. Then, this number is entered into your Fitness Pal and the breakdown of fats, carbs and proteins is determined according to your goals. Macros are VERY IMPORTANT because they get your body out of STARVATION mode. Not hungry starving, but nutritional deficiency's where your body stores fat. RESTRICTIVE EATING FOLLOWED BY A CHEAT DAY CAUSES 3-5% body fat increase a YEAR!!

Why Arbonne Supplements?

We support our Partners at Arbonne a International Health and Wellness Company that offers a wide range of affordable products stemming from the Arbonne Essentials Nutrition to skincare, babycare, makeup and aromatherapy. If you feel Arbonne Supplements arn't for you. We will gladly provide you with a list of recommended brands to help you reach your goals.

Do I have to use supplements?

Yes and no. Supplements are very important because most people do not eat the proper nutrition needed for the body to fuction properly. Proper body function allows for you to digest food, think clearly, have steady amounts of energy, and sleep well at night. So, if you are not eating adequately, yes supplements are needed.

Do I have to work out?

No, however nutrition and fitness are key for looking good and feeling good. Personal limitations make people not able to workout, which is fine. Personal accomodations will be made.

We will still probably eat out 2 nights a week...does this program allow for that?

You can absolutely eat out, anywhere. There are a certain number of calories you need to eat to sustain life and need to achieve to decrease body fat. There is no such thing as bad foods per se - just bad combinations of food.

When I bring the boys to a restaurant, will there be options I can eat there?

Yes, if you can plan for these visits that would be the best, but if not there would be plenty of options.

I am not a huge cook and I typically love to use my crock pot, are there recipes that would work with this?

I do not tell you what to cook and eat. I design the meals based on your foods and when you want to eat them (sort of). If you like the crock pot, and I plan chicken, broccoli and rice, you can prepare and cooke however you want (grill, baked, pan fry (light oil)).

What does a typical meal include?

Whatever you would normally eat, but each meal will have the correct amount of macros for your body needs.

I am trying to figure out if this is something I could stick with. I tried Isagenix and lost 10 pounds. I tried weigh watchers, did well with that, but again started getting busier and stopped following it.

Isagenix is not a lifestyle and not maintainable. "Stopping it" means you didn't learn anything in the process. With Tribe, I teach you how to eat, what to eat, and what you need to eat it. Then you don't ever "stop it." You can eat real food forever and always have option. You just need to know what your body requires. And that is my job to teach you.