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Keri Heickert, EdD, ATC, PES, Pn1


I believe that with looking at food through the lens of "food is fuel", long term weight loss can be achieved. My primary focus with each client is to provide a clear understanding of the nutrients that your body needs to sustain optimal health and performance, while considering their day to day lifestyle. It is not extreme! 

My goal is simple. I want to coach clients around the world. 

I develop and help implement a healthy, attainable, maintainable lifestyle that encompasses your favorite foods, all while achieving your optimal body composition for a long, healthy life.

I don’t expect my clients to go cold turkey and change their health habits at once unless they’re ready. Instead, I’ll meet you where you are in the moment and go with the flow of your lifestyle, needs, and goals and develop a custom plan that fits YOU. 

I am a certified Athletic Trainer at a Secondary School, Adjunct professor teaching in the Health and Science department, wife to Ryan and co-owner of Function and Strength and mother of twin 7 year old girls. 

I also have a Doctorate of Education with research completed on facilitating critical thinking.

Nutritional certification by Precision Nutrition Level 1

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