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Hello everyone! Boy, don't we know that!!! For me, in Pennsylvania, things are on lock down. So I am staying home with zero intentions of leaving. Am I Stir crazy, not yet.......

Here are somethings that I am CONSCIOUSLY thinking about as we begin our at home stint:

1. Choose joy, this is not the most pleasant time for our country or world, lets not make it an unpleasant time for our families. Make the best of it.

2. Choose fuel wisely. If stores close down your MACROS can help you get your nutrition in and maintain energy.

3. Choose movement over the couch, most of the time! Set a time and move, clean, dance, play....... try to get in 45-60 mins of movement daily! Conditioning doesn't happen that quick, but running in place or jump rope goes a long way for cardiovascular fitness

4. Choose health- Every day habits matter! This isn't a time to eat unhealthy and get some other illness or disease from obesity. If you need help with an at home schedule for food/movement/health please let me know.

Stay healthy! Talk soon! Keri peace love and pizza Keri Lyn Heickert, EdD, ATC, PES, Pn1 610.639.6643 Free consultations

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