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Explaining the food as fuel mindset: Why I actually dislike dining out.

Call me frugal, cheap or tell me to loosen up.... I hate paying for food that is sub par. No no. I don’t eat garment at all, I just know the value of the nutrient, and if food is fuel, then we are often SOOOOOOO overpaying for Macros. This explains how I personally feel about restaurants.

A ton of clients have lifestyles that involve client dinners and meals out of town or on the road........ Together we find a way for THEM to achieve their personal balance. Everyone is different.

I will pay for food that is AWESOME and worth it, but $50 steaks at Sullivan doesn't do it for me. Even Seasons 52- low calorie options at ta full calorie price....... NOPE- I will have to pre eat or stop at Wendy's on the way home........

I am not a foodie, I don't need to "experience" my food.

I need my food to get in my belly. I LOVE food, for its energy rich and illness and disease preventing properties.

I love margaritas! But I will not pay $14 for one that is mostly mix...... I'll drink tequila straight with lime and water:) Food is fuel. Get to the point..... energy

However, I do go out to breakfast often. Breakfast foods and diners seem to be the next bang for your buck. AMAZING macros, energy, food, fuel. What you pay for in restaurants that are $$$$ is the experience. I choose to experience food with my loved ones at home, with all types of foods that don't make me have to limit my "nights out".

Good eating can happen at home. Experiential eating doesn't necessarily mean it is good eating.

I will go out to eat and will order anything I want, but as a whole, I prefer to eat foods that will nourish me 100% the way I need to be nourished. Typical restaurants I frequent are Pizza places, Sushi restaurants, and ice cream establishments! Send me your favorite spots!!!

Food is fuel. This is my mindset

Keri Heickert, EdD, ATC, PES, Pn1

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