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How do you measure success? For starters, Progress photos.

How are you measuring success? Success in the weight loss, health and wellness, or LIFE column? Is it more money in a paycheck, some wiggle room in the jeans, or more sleep? However you chose to measure success be sure to make tracking a constant. Reassessment is necessary for long term success. To make tracking and measuring a constant, set time aside to measure and collect data. What are you measuring? If you are trying to track Weight, get a scale. Body comp, use calipers or Bod Pod. BUT Maybe you do not have either one of those. Another way and the MOST AVOIDED way is to take photos. NO ONE has to see them but you. They are uncomfortable but a huge tool for learning what your body needs and how it reacts to food. 

Ok, then, how hard is it to take photographs with crappy lighting? <----- this is key. Not that hard, but the consistency is what matters. It is misleading to take photos that have perfect lighting, which avoids any roll or unpleasant contour of the body. Once you get over that fear and realize that you need them and will love and cherish them some day (<---- you will), be sure they are something that you can reproduce. See below -

Here is the document I share with virtual clients in order to have great progress photos for them since I can not take them. ​ ​Additionally, since I have clients around the world, I needed to create a standard for my measurements, something that my eye is used to seeing and pointing out changes (remember that old bar computer game?? LOL) I like these poses and encourage clients to reproduce them exactly.

Do not worry ladies, we have poses for you too.  Ok, So you took photos, NOW WHAT? Wait 2 weeks and take them again, and then 2 weeks after that. BOOM your 4 weeks into a nutrition program. Is there a change in body appearance? I hope so or it is time to reassess your macro/activity levels.

Closing thoughts: They say pictures are worth a 1000 words and it is true.  Be sure to know what you are looking for before you say there is no success.  Just because you do not see a change does not mean there is no success. Are you sleeping better? Have more energy? Clean the entire house in one day? Small successes are what get you to the BIG SUCCESS----> Long term weight loss and a sustainable, realistic way to eat all the foods you love! The pictures will eventually follow suite. 

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