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I want to get healthy...... Where do I start?

Call it a movement, or a trend, whatever it is, PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO IMPROVE THEIR HEALTH!!!


Here are some tips and tricks as to how to get started in upping your health game when it comes to setting goals.


1. Find your goals- There are outcome goals and behavior goals. Most set outcome goals- IE. I want to lose weight, I want to be lean, I want to look good naked. All Things that need YOU to do something for it to happen, and, because, we just can't snap our fingers.... So we need Behavior goals, too. These are things that YOU need to do ----------->to get to your outcome goal!

Example- I want to lose weight, so I will go to the gym and cook healthy meals.

Additionally, there should be many goals. Goals and the focus of goals should be able to slide with the time of the year and your schedule, if there is a shift. Consider Daily goals, weekly goals, and monthly goals.

2. Find your limitations to the goals- Great, you have a goal...... now, Whats going to make you "not do this". Whats your kryptonite? (we all have superpowers) When you find your Limitations to your goals, you can then set yourself up for success.

Example- I want to lose weight, so I will go to the gym and eat healthy. LIMITATIONS ARE- (hypothetical) If you don't have a car you can not get to the gym and if your schedule doesn't allow for you to cook at home, or buy healthy food then you- FAIL you cant lose weight because the behaviors your chose were wrong. So the goal needs to be more clear or something that you can actually do.

When you find your limitations to your goals, your Krytonite, you can reset or rework the goals to be more manageable and ATTAINABLE. Once they are attainable, all you need is a little consistency.

3. Implement the behaviors needed to hit your OUTCOME GOAL - START today!!! With a clear goal and behaviors, implementation should be easy. This is where a good plan is needed. If you can not find the exotic fruit the salad you really want to eat and cant do as the plan fail. KEEP IT SIMPLE, Sally! (sidenote- in another blog post i talk about "there is not a plan, man. But here i say "plan for goals". There are plans and no plans. There are sliding scales of adherence, balance, and consistency. The overarching "plan" is to work everyday to help your health)

4. Build consistency- After implementing the first day, the very first meal, anything, do it again, and again and again. After 7-10 days check in. DO NOT keep changing your goal if you do not have progress in one day.......... seriously, if it was that easy...... Consistency is not for 21 days or 30. It is a sliding scale. But be consistent at doing something daily to improve your health.


Keri Heickert, EdD, ATC, PES, Pn1

wellness coach

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