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Lifestyle Change

Over half of what affects your health is your choice of lifestyle. Read that again,............

The way you live your life largely determines the level of health with which you get to experience in your life. Perhaps this awareness comes slowly, over years of self awareness and learning about health and wellness, and perhaps it comes quickly in the at teachable moment when you receive a diagnosis or in some way encounter a health challenge.

When you receive a diagnosis or work with a health educator it often feels like it magnifies our problems and our own sense of failure. These people tell us that what we are doing is wrong. Seeking these practitioners is not an easy feat.

In the words of Pat Williams, life coach, "If you could have done it by yourself ,you probably would have done it by now.

There is a growing awareness that people need an ALLY to work with, and that wellness is a very individual and personal issue.

The changing of human behavior is complex. Yet, there are many successful ways to address human behaviors as it relates to wellness and health (ie. obesity, illness and disease).

When implementing habits and effective ways for changing lifestyle behaviors, the effects are paramount!


The macro boot camp address health behaviors from day 1. 30 days of accountability and actionable items.

email for dates of the next upcoming MBC.

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