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“my loss isn’t fast enough”

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

I do hear that a lot especially when people "try" things and don't "try" to actually change daily habits. It's nothing crazy or drastic, just a real, objective look at factors that can, or do, contribute to weight gain. (What is fast doesn't last).

My two main principles are 1. Food is fuel and 2. working out is to help build the body and to give you a greater capacity. But yes, lower calories are also needed to lose BODY FAT, not just weight. And sometimes workouts are the piece that creates the calorie deficit. But there has to be a balance.

Additionally, the body has a metabolic set point. I have no idea what you are eating calorie wise, but sometimes, often, there needs to be a period of Reverse Dieting, I will explain this more but its the opposite of cutting calories. The body thrives on fuel. 

Learning about food and what your body needs, as well as eating the things that you want can happen. Tequila and whiskey and all. But there is a balance and somethings need to happen for it to work well together. 

Visit to set up a time to talk, click NUTRITIONAL SERVICES------ then click on the nutritional consultation link to set up a call. If you dont see a time that works, please let me know.  I do love education and teaching the principles about food to others because I think that is best way to make a long term change.  Talk to you soon! 

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