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Q- Longing for Lifestyle Change? A- Work with me.

Shameless plug.... I really struggle to pat myself on the back. But I need to more often, because again, if we are not proud of ourselves something is wrong.

So, if you want to move forward, work with me. Read below to see why.

Imagine you are a person who is ready to change your life.

Imagine you want to feel fulfilled in some areas that are now wanting, or even empty. While there is a certain dimension of your life you are satisfied with, or even RICH, others are source of frustration.

Imagine that over the years you have expended energy to try to grow. You have succeeded in some areas but other areas are like holey rainboots in a boggy swamp. Self loathing, perhaps regret or guilt?

Others have tried to help, at times you have even reached out and gotten information and treatment to keep you going. Maybe it was advice, criticism or just cheering and motivation. Sounds good, right?

NOW imagine that you begin talking to someone who approaches the process of helping you in an entirely different way. They listen to you, not just waiting for their turn to talk, you feel heard. Rather than stand above you, they stand next to you as an ally. Their agenda is your agenda.

This person does not live with you or work with you, they work for you. You employ them to help you find your way through that swamp that impedes your progress. They require you to look at yourself, to acknowledge your strengths and build upon them. They ask questions to gain information but mostly for you to seek the answers inside yourself, to benefit yourself.

They come equipped with tools to help with effective methods for change. Once you and them acknowledge that you are ready to make those changes, and they ask permission to push you with respect and compassion, you are confronted and challenged to do your best.

When you make a commitment for action, they help hold yourself accountable so that you will accomplish your goals in the time frame you allocate.

This person goes beyond gathering information and does stress motivation, but helps you find it in yourself, the need to initiate, sustain and maintain change.

They, I, am here to celebrate your success with you.

That's how I coach wellness.

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