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There is not a plan, man.

I have been thinking about long term change and how life is..... of course, that is, how life is in hindsight.

So, here are two principles I live by when it comes to food and nutrition and long term body composition.

1. Fuel yourself for life as it is a huge necessity for many things!

2. But also, you gotta do, what ya gotta do, too.

Then there are these "ideas" of what a plan should be:

++log food, weigh food and workout (the unicorn)

++ Log food and workout (not weighing food is still great but it's not good for beginners)

++ Workout and not log

++ no log and no workout

These plans and principles are a sliding scale according to your life at that certain time.

And there are more optimal combinations of theses plans and principles for optimal body comp.

So, What are your Every day habits that help you achieve short term and long term goals VS hinder the process of short term and long term goals?

Here are a few things to keep in mind-


In this situation we are together because of food and nutrition and the desire to learn about food for long term health. So food is a priority in this relationship.

All good intentions, then,

1. Life happens (job change, no job, holiday, vacation, death, marriage, kids, etc) and one can quickly forget that food is FUEL because our survival is most likely dependent on other things like keeping a job, maintaining relationships, family dynamics...... food can get lost. Not intentionally, but its less important per say.

2. Then, how are you going or supposed to track during that time..... you don't. Leave it at the door. The goal is survive this period till you can reflect back.

Then pat yourself on the back because you got through it. But how do you check yourself?

So circling back- This is about long term nutritional change and life.........THERE IS NO PLAN- there are things that work, until they don't. Then, you reevaluate to see what was good, and what needs to be changed. It's progress, not perfection. The only thing needed is time to reflect and create a plan with your best interest and longevity in mind.

-Keri Heickert, EdD, ATC, PES, Pn1

There is no on the plan or off the plan. The plan is to catch yourself at a point and reflect- measure the differences, compare, is there satiety or not, and implement your HEALTHY everyday habits that help you grow.


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