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What is a Macro Boot Camp?

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

What is this Macro boot camp you speak of??  The initial March Macro Boot Camp was created to educate, inform, and provide realistic ways to eat all the foods you love WHILE LOSING WEIGHT! Wait...... what.... Eat and lose weight.... Absurd!!

I want to teach you about food, how food can provide you with UNLIMITED energy, even if it is a Reese Cup before your workout, and what an abundant, balanced. and consistent diet looks like. Now, don't get me wrong, there is a time and place for a more structured (when illness or disease is present) diet. Macros is just the beginning of the process. Many clients succeed with Macros then have to switch gears to Intermittent fasting or to more meals due to schedule and goals. Let Macros be the first step in your wellness journey.  The Macro Boot Camp (MBC) was designed to be an active learning seminar that provides clients with information about food, provides information, tools, and guidance with meal planning, eating out at restaurants, and surviving the holidays with little or NO weight GAIN! Together, we will evaluate your current eating habits and daily movement to see how they compare. Then, with your activity and daily food log we can start to work towards your goal (i.e. weight loss, body composition changes, athletic performance, recovery, etc) .

So what is the MBC, exactly? The Macro boot camps teaches people how to eat based on their goals. Together we look at your current diet and activity and compare. Food = fuel. A diet should be composed of enjoyable, palatable, and accessible food where ever you go. The ¨Boot Camp¨ part is because I administer this information to you in a four week fashion; Boom Boom, Boom...). We meet for the 4 consecutive Sunday´s (hypothetically, can be a different day). So, what happens when we meet? Each meeting is about 1.5hour. At the first meeting body composition measurements are taken with progress photos and then we begin with a powerpoint!  One thing we do for sure is we set goals!! Together we plan and devise your individual goal(s) and steps to get you there in a realistic way.  You will learn what to eat and when to eat it to fuel yourself for training and to improve your body composition. Together we create 4 weeks of meals that will help you be better fueled for training and life AND WEIGHTLOSS. --->Clients report back that after the first week they are sleeping better, feeling more energized, and losing weight just from becoming more aware of what they are eating:)

I would love to have you in the April Boot Camp,  Upcoming Macro Boot Camp Dates: _______________

The most common thing I say to a new client is ¨workout less and eat more! <------ They think i´m Cray!  ​ Below are some examples of what I look for in a diet analysis. The excel chart are REAL progress measurements for the SEPTEMBER boot camp! AMAZING.  The graphs represent the logging phase. The red line is where the client should be and the bars show where their current intake is. This information is used to help determine the initial baseline macro calculations. 


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