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Why sufficient food intake and weight training is needed.

So you say your cardio isn’t cutting it? (Pun intended).

All the buzz these days are words like “leanness” and “tone”, and yes it’s common for people start to engage in things like weight lifting, resistance bands, and even Body weight exercises when they want to see changes in their body composition. AMAZING!!!

However, with dieting culture as full steam as ever, that is having an even bigger impact on the changes in body comp and weight. Not for the good.

Yes, resistance training helps us build and retain lean body mass. If your goal is to achieve a “toned” look, you can get closer to your goal by lifting weights, gaining strength over time, eating sufficient protein, and reducing calorie intake SSSLLLLLOOOOWWWWWLLLYYYYYY.

What about the bulk when it comes to weight lifting?

Here’s the deal………. Some times women think that pumping the iron and lifting something more than 10lbs will result in them getting “bulky”.

This only happens when calories are not accounted for and if calories are accounted for, the “bulk” could be actually muscle and yes a little fat. Then, losing the fat and not the MUSCLE is just as important when dieting kicks in. You want MUSCLE RETENTION.

So whats the deal then, do I weight train? YYYEEEESSSS

Don’t just haphazard lift, get a structured program.

Evaluate your diet and intake to see are you going to grow (fall/winter) or getting ready to “show” (spring/summer) (lower levels of body fat)

I have had clients tell me that their bodies have not been “injured” and they “don’t have pain”. And guess what? The only thing that changed is the DIET!!!!!! So what does that mean?

By having sufficient protein, carbs and fat can help you recover more!! Which means your workouts are able to do THEIR JOB…… Grow the lean muscle. If you are injured and not in the gym, how is lean body mass growth going to happen?

Proper dieting is injury prevention and weight training with proper dieting is doubling down.

So if you’re someone who wants to:

improve recovery so your workouts give you more, not take more out of you,

get strong, not like strong man, but strong to do life and not have it take everything out of you,

prevent injury and improve your health,

or just to feel good,

The macro boot camp is a great place to start. Feel free to set up a consult.

If you already workout 3-5 days a week, or would like to start and do give 2 days 40 mins to improving YOU, consider an appropriate training program that offers progressive resistance exercises that you can do in the gym or at home that will yield results….. Everything has a purpose.

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